Exercise versus training

Probably the most important thing to remember is that there’s exercise, and there’s training, and only some of the time is exercising considered to also be training.

Anytime your body is doing a physical task, that can be exercise. That could be walking, or carrying in groceries, or Crossfit; the activity does not matter.

Training, on the other hand, is about performing specific activities to achieve specific results.

There is nothing wrong with exercise, and there’s nothing wrong with training. Where people get confused is mistaking one for the other.

Never confuse movement with action

Health and fitness work the same way; Health is a the absence of illness and the presence of well-being, while fitness is the ability to do a specific task.

More simply put:

You Exercise to Stay Healthy


You Train to Become Fit


Exercise is largely for today; training is largely for some later time, like a competition. Exercise is broad, general, and with in reason, the more variety you’re able to include, the better. Training must limit the means you use to just the most appropriate means to achieve the goal.

There’s a balance to be had between the two; and certainly, if you’re just sitting on your ass now, any exercise is a good thing. It will promote better health, which is a good and worthy thing to have. However, it isn’t the same thing as training. Training is the process by which we actually get better at a task.

Coming up in the next post:

We’ll cover strength training’s importance for the average person.



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