Eating “Clean” is bullshit

The idea of eating clean is wrapped up in the concept that some eating must therefore be dirty. By extension, eating dirty also means that you, by eating dirty, are dirty. It is then a hop, skip and a jump from dirty to worthless.

When that’s the feeling associated with life sustaining food, you’re fucked.

It’s also terrible for every other physically system in your body, let alone getting stronger.

In no way shape or form am I endorsing eating food that we know is not good for you in large quantities. However, I am asking you to do something simple, nitpicky, and in my opinion, important.

I want you to start thinking about food as primarily either “good for you” or “enjoyable”. It’s honest, for one thing. And there’s no exclusivity between the two – fresh, in season fruit is both good for you and enjoyable, and so would be a nice cut of steak.

But do yourself a favor and start to break that catholic guilt you’re hanging around your head with “clean” eating and “cheat” meals and days.

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