“Off” days

You’ll notice a couple of things if you’re reading all of this.

The first is that for all of the programming, save for one or two posts about 4-day a week training, will be 3 days a week.

The reason is we know that adaptation to strength training can be had in about 48 hours and a week is a convenient way to split things up.  The natural question then becomes “So what do you do on the other days?”

Let’s start by what you should not be doing. If you were not already playing a sport where you run around a lot, like basketball or soccer, don’t start. If you are but you’re not in season, then stop, or at least greatly roll back. I’d really like it if you didn’t do anything hard at all in the gym or track. Activity is not the same thing as progress!

Besides, there are many many more important things to do. Everyone seems to have trouble getting enough sleep so that would be a logical place to start. More sleep equals more strength, every single time.

Grocery shopping, meal planning, or cooking would be good, especially because everyone wants to look better naked and the best place to do that is the kitchen, not the gym. Extra time reading or with your family will make everything better. Maybe you should take a walk or engage in a hobby, or even get a massage. Personally, I like a good yoga class, which is still exercising but checks off a lot of the things that strength training doesn’t directly address. You could spend some time foam rolling or even doing light calisthenics while watching TV, if you’re that anal-retentive.

The point is this: strength training is to help you live a better, more full life. Part of the point of a 3 day program is not just efficiency in the gym, it’s to create the time you need to live a great life. If you feel the need to crush yourself in the gym every single day you need actual therapy, not gym-therapy, because you’re carrying around a guilt you haven’t even begun to deal with.


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