Monday March 20

Dumpster fire:


  • 45x5x2 Trouble achieving depth
  • 135×5 still funky
  • 185×3 felt like 405×3
  • 225×2 ok, maybe I just needed to get warm
  • 245×5 and this felt like a max. last rep took about 3-4 seconds or felt longer.
  • 220x6x2 – my thinking was to make up the volume (245x5x2 = 2450. 2450/220 = 11 and change, so 12 accounts for it) at 90% of it.  Somedays we just don’t have it


  • 45x5x2
  • 65×5
  • 85×3
  • 105×2 – not fun. should’ve been clear that work sets were going to suck.
  • 130×4 and stalled on the 5th.  This plus the awful squats and being tired/beat down, I just called it a day.

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