Wednesday March 22

Monday’s session was one of the 10 worst I think I’ve ever had. A bad session, however, does not a program invalidate.

As I am doing the Starting Strength Novice Progression to the best of my ability, I need to stick with the program and do what is necessary to keep moving forward.

What that means is at least exert as much control as you can over these three factors:

  1. Rest between sets. You can not give a maximal effort with out maximal recovery. After 5 minutes you’re 95% recovered, and that’s usually about how long I take between work sets. After 8 minutes, you’re completely recovered.  So that’s what I’ll take.
  2. Food! Eat more than is reasonable and don’t drink anything without calories.  Red meat and whole milk are especially helpful. Really focused on that the past few days.
  3. Sleep – This is the hardest for me to control right now, because of the kiddo.  Still, I’m on parental leave and naps add to the total. I’m still not getting as much as would be best, but I’m getting more than most new dads.


  • B/Wx5x2
  • 45x5x2
  • 135×5
  • 175×3
  • 215×2
  • 245x5x3 – much, much, much better.


  • 45x5x2
  • 105×5
  • 130×3
  • 155×2
  • 180x5x3 – tough but I’m happy how this is still going up


  • 135×5
  • 185×3
  • 225×2
  • 240×5 – I used double overhand for all of these and while these were better than last time (90% of the weight), on subsequent reps the bar is drifting forward, so I have some technical stuff to clean up, and I need to begin working a hook grip as to increase my grip strength.

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